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Give Love to Make More [entries|friends|calendar]
carly p.

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[04 Jul 2005|12:32pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Now, kids... don't forget... teenageddirtbag is about to meet it's untimely death.

Add my NEW LJ! to your friends page:


And happy 4th o' July!

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The Sweetest Good-Bye [03 Jul 2005|09:10pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Okay, so here's the last journal entry of teenageddirtbag.
I really loved this one, but it's time to... move on.
But I really have no choice.

PLEASE add the new and... improved?... LJ....


Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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You're the secret I keep [22 Jun 2005|10:46am]
[ mood | drained ]

Yesterday was QUITE fun.
Swimming fun at Margaret's.
Thrifting fun with Kelsey, Betsy, Becca, and Newby.
A&W fun with Kelsey.
Napping fun... alone.

I looooove summer.

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Touching you makes me wanna shake and shout (makes me wanna shake and shout!) [20 Jun 2005|10:27am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Ahhh! So last night was great fun.
Saw LORDS OF DOGTOWN because I am the biggest sk8r punk that ever lived.
My crew came along also.
It was pretty.... nothing short of amazing.
And by that I mean completely predictable and a little corny, but skateboarding fascinates me. It looks so fun. I wish I could do it. And not be dumb.

Highlights of the evening-
*Kelsey trying to skateboard on my driveway with a crash helmet on.
*Newby luging down the street.
*Betsy telling my mother and neighbor that she had an orgasm when she saw Emile Hirsch on the screen
*Michael and Rod hanging out with us!
*VH1 Behind the Music... today, we'll be discussing the Backstreet Boys!!!
*Cleaning out a whole pizza and 1/4 of a watermelon.
*Kelsey McSLuttymakeup.

Alright, I suppose that's about it. I had to get up at 6:45 to go to cross country, and then the doctor at 9. Kelsey and Betsy are STILL ASLEEP, those lazy asses.

I think I'm going to take a nap.

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[18 Jun 2005|08:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

New phone number.
Is it smart to put it on the internet?
Is some pedofile going to read my LJ and call me and suggest that we meet somewhere, and I say okay, and I end up getting raped?
Whatever. 542-0796. Call me. Or text me.

Why is no one partying tonight?
I can't remember the last time I spent Saturday night on the internet with my friends instead of doing them.

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When she smiles [16 Jun 2005|12:10am]
[ mood | content ]

Ahhh! Summer is grande.
I just got home from Kelsey's. Love her.
I love 9 Square. Even with the new rules that vary greatly from C.T. '05.
I love getting random visits from friends who don't really want to visit you, but you happen to live in the neighborhood that the ice cream truck is in, so they stop by out of convenience.
I'm thirsty.
I love it when boys like you back- even though it rarely ever happens.
I love new haircuts.
I love simming.
I love throwing away last year's school stuff. It might be one of the Top 10 Most Amazing Feelings in the World.
I love it when the guy who's landscaping your yard brings you a really cool book about rock-n-roll.
I love to play.
I love the feeling after a good run and some stadiums.
I love not having to wake up- all day.
I love having dinner twice (because I'm a total fat).
I love my mom when she's sane. And asleep when I get home entirely too late.
Is it totally pathetic that I love how I get to go to Wal Mart tomorrow to grocery shop?

I'm pooped from all this nonstop action.
Nighty-night, loves.

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Your the one who keeps me hanging on every word [12 Jun 2005|08:53pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

This whole day was so fun.

We played our show again at church for the last two times, thank God. No offence, but I was about to slice my ear drums after 13 times. I knew all the drama lines.

Went to Wal Mart in between services. You know what that means. Maybe.

After the second service, I went back home with Kelsey to celebrate her mom's birthday. We went downstairs after lunch and did that damn puzzle for 8 years and endured "Romy and Michelle: In the Beginning" about 17 millions times (only once). But, it was totally awsome and fun.

Went to Sports First to work out. My kneecaps hate me and are trying to escape.

Run the hill in my neighborhood 3 times.

Ate a salad.

Now..... just relaxxxxxing. Hardcore.


I'm a little baffled.

Your Star Wars Pickup Line

"Wanna play with my 12-inch wookie?"

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Look how they shine for you, and everything you do [11 Jun 2005|08:49pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Today has been an incredibly insightful for some reason. Maybe it's because I've had about 6 hours of good sleep in 48 hours (for the second time this summer) and that I slept from 3 too 7 this afternoon.

Anyway... yeah. This summer has been completely amazing so far. Too amazing to even describe. It's making up wonderfully for a completely crap year. I love Choir Tour and I love sleeping all day and staying up with my incredible friends all night. I driving around, wasting gas with nothing in particular to do just so I can listen to my favorite song over and over again. I love feeling like I'm home. I love going to a Bob Dylan concert, then going to a Rilo Kiley concert 5 days later. Two life changing shows in 5 days. I love lake parties. I love swimming. I love cherades, even though I can't spell it. I love 9 Square, even though the boys can't play it. So thanks for making this summer amazing.

I feel like a new woman.

The Guy With No Name from Wal Mart has a name now.
And a phone number in Carlizzle's phone.

Go on, brush you shoulders off.

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Is this what they call sex on a Saturday night? [10 Jun 2005|06:22pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

Last night was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!

The Brunettes were effing fantastic.

I'm in love with Okkervil River, and I think I may have subconciously lost my virginity when that fellow gave me his pick. His PICK.

Rilo Kiley was phenomenal... out of this world. I can't even describe. I'd never been so emotional at a show before. I almost cried during "With Arms Outstretched." Yeah. I peed.

A certain lover of mine from Wal Mart was there.
It was amazing.
We talked.
Well, he talked. I gargled. And tried my best to form complete sentences with human noises. No purrs.
He said it was "a suprise to see me."
That means he totally wants my bod, right? Right.

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Why was today so much fun? [08 Jun 2005|11:55pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Summer 2005, you are treating me so well.
I love my friends. I love Lunchables. And I love 9 Square.

I went to Wal Mart twice today within an hour to see The Guy.
Yes, kids, that's right. He's back.

I took a nap today at 6 o'clock in the evening in my bathing suit and didn't get up until 8. It was a-mazing. Except for the fact that my sheets are all wet like I peed in the bed 8 times.

Just got home from Kelsey's. They're slumbering without me because I have piano bright and early in the morning.

It's midnight. My mom and my neighbor are nowhere to be found. Fishy.

Someone's got to know if we have to have an 18 year old or a 21 year old. I'm so confused. Not to mention dazed.

Time for bed. I'm pooped.

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[08 Jun 2005|11:05am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Double poo.

I just called Workplay to see if you needed an 18-year-old to get in, and it turns out you need a 21-year-old.
18 I can handle. 21? Not so much.

Hmmm. Tricky.

I misunderstood the lady on the phone because I'm dumb.

I decided to NOT try outs for soccer after all, because after thinking about it, I'm really going to be spreading myself thin this year as it is. A REALLY hard schedule (3 honors classes, 1 AP, and German 2), cross coutnry and track, the band, piano.... it adds up. I want to have to enough time to enjoy everything I'm doing.

So don't hate.
I know the soccer team will be COMPLETELY LOST without me.... but yeah. Sorry.

I love you!

And I feel like a party today.

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I smell sex and candy [06 Jun 2005|11:59pm]
[ mood | content ]

Summer '05 has been a-fricken-mazing so far.

Lake Party '05 at Flippy's lake house with Flip, Kelsey, Becca, Maragret, Lyndsie, Vivian, and Betsy was spectacular, although I got raped by a tube, a sea-doo, and the water several times in a period of 8 hours. I'm looking forward to the Lake Party '05 in.... 2 weeks? Am I right?

Like a day after that.... Kelsey and I left for choir tour. It was the best week of my life. I had so much fun every waking moment. I can't even tell you how magnificent it was!!! I'm a whole new woman. Go look at Kelsey's LJ for the pictures.... they're amazing. I'm really sad it's over. I think it's time for the choir tour '05 crew to hang ou. Immediately. Go see the show next Sunday at 8 or 11 at the Christian Life Center at Asbury.... if you're interested. I met sooo many new people and got closer to others that I already new.... I just loved it. And I love the game Underground Church. I love spening the entire night awake with Kelsey, Michael, Clay, and Joe, accidentally falling asleep at 7 o'clock in the morning, then waking up in a puddle of drool in a strage Sunday school classroom. I love waking up again at 4 in the afternoon in my own bed, and not remembering how I got there. I love 9 Square. I love structured jam sessions. I love long bus rides. Love TCM. I love the Hulk. And The Mummy. All of Universal Studios, pretty much. I love Mean Girls and burn books.

Band at Asbury started again today. I'm going to end up playing mostly keys, some bass, and singing harmonies. It's going to be so amazing!!!! I'm so excited.

A!-T!-T!-A!-C!-K! Attack! Attack! Attack! try-outs began today. Soccer wears me out. I was pissed. But it was soooo fun. Even if it was raining and I was starving.

Alright I'm pooped. It's been a long day. It accidentally started at 6:45 this morning b/c I forgot to turn my alarm off from church on Sunday.

Thank God for friends and laughter and summer and songs that make me feel happy.

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Nobody DOES IT better [26 May 2005|08:23am]
[ mood | happy ]

I really do have the best friends ever.
They come to my piano recitals even though they're really boring and take me to eat at Petrucelli's and let me swim in their pools nonstop.
What more could a girl ask for?

Today is my (and Kelsey's) first official day of summer since we took choir 7th period and we don't have an exam today. I'm pretty sure everyone else is still at school right now, examinating. Kelsey and I partied pretty hard last night, and she's still asleep.

I can't believe I escaped this school year with good grades. It will never cease to amaze me.

I'm going shopping with my mom today for some stuff for CHOIR TOUR '05! Wish me luck...?

Tonight, we party. Tomorrow, we party- lake style. Sunday, leave for choir tour. Return the following Saturday. Then, summer 2005 shall continue and be orgasmic!!!

I love you.

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My love for you will still be strong after the boys of summer are gone [24 May 2005|08:22pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Dude.... tomorrow is my last day of being a sophmore, damnit.
This is my last night that I'll have to kick my ass studying for an entire summer.

I have my two hardest exams tomorrow that make me have the most severe see-jures..... math and english.
I have to make a 54 in math to keep and A, and a 64 in English to keep an A.But I'm still totally wigged out. It's what I do.

Enough school talk.

My mind has been in summer mode for exactly 29 days. I started counting when I just couldn't focus on anything anymore.

THIS SUMMER IS GOING TO BE THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm SOOOO HAPPY this year is almost OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only 5 HOURS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank sweet baby Jesus.

Ahhhh. Today after my science and health exams, I went to Margaret's to go swimming with Margaret, Kelsey, Becca, Newby, Megan, Lyndsie, Betsy, Bryce, and Eric. Vivian came right as I was leaving. She's so cool- she got her license today! I is so proud.

Tomorrow methinks the annual (not anal) swimming party will be held at Flip's after our 6th period exam. I love how I make friends with people who have pools. Anyway, have a fun time and come. I'm sure she appreciates me posting it on the internet.


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This is an edit of the previous entry, but I don't feel like editing. [15 May 2005|08:54pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Flipper has just taught me how one MASHES. This is soooooo hilarious.

1. Shelter- House.
Choices- mansion, apartment, shack, or house.
2. Hubby- ChaseNallen (as one)
Choices- Duncan and Jeffrey
3. Job- Civil War Reinactor
Choices- Travel Channel guide person and stripper
4. Auto- New Bug
Choices- Jeep Wrangler or El Camino
5. Dress- Mauve
Choices- pink or white
6. Kids- 3
Choices- 1 or 6
7. Health- crappy
Choices- good or EXcellent
8. Pet- Ferret (named Merrit)
Choices- goldfish named Goldy or Cat named Fabio
9. Death- stabbed and shot during Civil War reinactment
Choices- death in jail after stealing cone from Heardmont or a tragic pole dancing accident
10. STD- genital warts
choices- herpes (of the mouth) or gonnorhea (sp?)

1. Shelter- shack.
2. Hubby- I'm not telling!
3. Job- plumber
Choices- dermatologist or history teacher
4. Car- bike
Choices- Suzuki Sidekick or Jeep Wrangler (devirginizer)
5. Dress- white
Choices- yellow or gray
6. Children- 14
Choices- 4 or 6
7. Health- excellent
Choices- good or crappy
8. Death- tripped and fell in the bathtub
Choices- slowly nibbled to death by earthworms or death by Boa
9. Pet- boa
Choices- cat and mouse
10. STD- pregnant with crack baby. There are no choices.

Shut up, I'm from a broken home.

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Don't choke [15 May 2005|08:16pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Well THIS weekend was A-mazing.
I wish it wasn't over and we didn't have to go back to school in the morning.
Oh man it was so much fun.
Allow me to cover the highlights.

- Arrive at Huntsville. Eat at Donato's (or Donatello's) Pizza. We.... or atleast 5 of us... leave a lasting impression on the place.
- Friday night. Our boys vs. Grissom. Amazing. Oak Mtn. won 3-1. That's right. Won. Oak Mountain.
- Pizza again (for the second time in 3 hours) at the Raddison hotel lobby. Yummm! And I'm not just talking about the pizza.
- Emily Newbie giving me the worst wedgie of my life so she could go pee before me in the hotel room. It burned.
- Porn is scary. Don't ever watch again. Unless you're with an original Duncan Harmon commentary.
- Being stalked by some random guys who called our hotel room. They were across the hall from us. Cudos to Becca Mc"Sounds like a Negro!" and Margaret Mc"Stop f****** calling!"
- Me getting nosebleeds all day on Saturday.
- Rain and lightening delaying the game for ever on Saturday.
- Ponchos. Totally hip rain gear. Nuff said.
- Eating with the guys at Ruby Tuesday.... 3 cheers for chocolate tall cake.
- Margaret having her picture taken with the sex god.
- Carly, peeing at Ruby Tuesday a record of 5 times.
- Listening to everyone bash your ex-boyfriend... pretty awsome.
- DANCE PARTY HUNTSVEGAS STYLE in the car.... priceless. Priceless, accept for Mrs. Suze may never be the same.
- Eeeeshk!
- Missing Kelsey Seale. Love of my life.
- Listening to country western music for a little while on the way back... amazing???
- Going to Duncan's house and watching the grossest part of Texas Chainsaw twice (almost thrice) and then turning on Terminator PART DOS! and getting the full effect of the kick-A surround sound... more like almost wetting yourself.
- Falling asleep on Duncan's couch in between 2 canoodling couples and waking up to Flipper groping my inner thigh.... not too bad. I didn't hate it.
- Driving home at 11:17 and not remembering it the next morning b/c I was only 1/6 awake.
- Sleeping until after 10 in the A.M. and watching Liftime movies and eating Pizza Rolls with Flip.... ahhhhhhh.
- 15 minute run? Check. I feel totally skinny.
- Band practice? Check. I feel totally musician-ee.
- Coming home and eating roastbeefovenbakedpotatoechipspastasaladbreadbrocolliandhomeadechocolatepoundcake..... amazing. I'm stuffed.
- School tomorrow? Ick.
- Memories of this weekend that will last longer that a one-night stand...... yummmm!

Congrats, boys. I'm really proud of you. Without you, I would have sat around all weekend and wondered what it would be like to go to a school with a winning boys' soccer dream. My lifelong dream. Eh?... yeah.

Aaaanyhoo, lovely weekend.
Must repeat.
This weekend, Huntsville. Next weekend, shall we spring for Trussville??? Methinks so!

I love you.

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I'm half way through your door [12 May 2005|07:40pm]
[ mood | ahhhhhhhh ]

Ahhhhh. I just got back from a nice long run and... ahhhhh. That's all I have to say.

Who's up for some hawt hawt Huntsville boys' soccer action? I know I am.

Who's up for the end of school? Yeah, me too.


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Don't wanna tango with you, I'd rather tango with him [09 May 2005|07:45pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Guten Tag, hoes! How's life been treatin ya? It's been about 42 years since my last update, and soooo much has happened. Don't feel like getting into it right now. Or ever. Anyway... I'll just cover the highlights in bullet/dash format.

- Living with the Allisons as of... like, Thursday? Not sure how long I'll be here. Probably going to stay until sometime after choir tour in the summer, or until things calm down. Which ever comes first. We are most definently partying it up.

- We have a 13 school days left. Only 9 if you don't count exam half-days. And 12 if you're like me and you don't have to go for your 7th period exam on Thursday.

- I love my friends. All of them. I really, really do.

- Saw 3 Doors Down and Breaking Benjamin at the Ampitheater on Friday night. Twas quite the fantastic evening, thanks to my lovely Flip, Kelsey, Vivian, and Becca. And Betsy, for a little while, pre-concert at the Mellow 'Shroom.

- Our health video kicks effin A, kids. Effin A. Prepare to be taken aback by its profound hilariousosity.

- I'm going to have 2 English tests on Wednesday, back-to-back, since I have to make one up. I'm real excited! I mean, totally unexcited.

- I'm hanging around with my dad sometime.

- I have the best brothers in the world, and my oldest brother has the best baby-mama in the world. I love them. My siblings.

- State Track Meet this weekend! So glad it went well. Track = the hot patott, yo.

- Oak Mountain boys' soccer? Number one in the NATION? Check.

- Oak Mountain girls' soccer? Skankiest soccer team(s) in the nation? Check. Gotta love it. I know I do.

- I have to pee immediately.

Have fun with that pretty lame entry, kids.
And enjoy the rest of your week.
I ♥ every last one of you.

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See the stars- see how they shine for you [30 Apr 2005|03:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Ah, Friday. Full of good, clean fun.
Yes indeed.

My wonderful big brother (who is going to be the best dad in the world) called me really late last night after I got home, and we talked for a while. At some point during our conversation, he told me that I think to hard all the time, and to quit that, b/c it is merely "masturbation of the mind." Yeah, best dad and brother in the world.

If your name is Kelsey and/or Megan, and you're totally cute, then you left your jacket in my back seat last night during the good clean fun. Don't fret none. Which you wouldn't anyway.

Ahhhh... call me. My Saturday night is open as of right now.

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[25 Apr 2005|07:58pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Wow, dude. Wow.
Today was so wierd. I mean weird.
Is it wierd or weird?
Oh, I just checked my mood thingy, it's weird.
Everyone calm the HELL DOWN, I GOT IT.

I CAN'T FOCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... argggg!


I was in the bank parking lot this afternoon, and there was this huge potatoe (or kartoffel, as they'd say in Deutschland) just lying there on the ground. How completely random!

Ofcourse I picked it up and gave it a home. It rode home in the cup holder of my car.

I just started thinking about it again and it made me laugh.

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